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Welcome to Koura, a Manuka Honey brand inspried by the Maori language & culture. 

"Koura" translates to "Gold". From the costal town of Kaikoura, nestled along Te Waipounamu's East Coast in the South Island of NZ, we have sourced the finest golden Manuka Honey from the wild mountainous paradise.


Name of the design:  Valley of Kaikoura 


Our beeswax are sourced from the same hive as our Manuka Honey.  Our beeswax wraps are meticulously designed by digital artists from NZ with a distinct focus on capturing the awe-inspiring landscapes of New Zealand & celebrating the essence of Aotearoa.


User Instruction:

Hand wash with cold water and mild soap, hang to dry.

Do not wash with hot waterm this will likely casue the wax to melt. Keep away from all heat sources and store in a cool dry place.



100% cotton / Natural Beeswax  / Pine Rosin / Jojoba Oil



Small  20 x 18 cm / Medium  25 x 28 cm / Large  33 x 35 cm







KOURA Beeswax Wrap / Valley of Kaikoura - full set of 3

24٫95$ سعر عادي
19٫99$سعر البيع