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Brand Story

Koura Honey beeboxes in Kaikoura

2013 - The Very Beginning

The Founding of Koura was from a very simple start,  a kind gesture to help struggling registered bee-keeper friends to sell their honey in bulk at a reasonable price.

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Signed agreement deal with register beekeepers for Manuka honey supply.

Koura is trademark in NZ and Australia on 09/09/2014

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Launch of first range of Koura honey 

Focused on premium Manuka Honey sourced from Gisborne and  all exported to Mainland China

koura web 15_edited.jpg

2016 Nov

Turning Point - 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Kaikoura. Koura went through reconstructing stage with focus on supporting and promoting local honey.

koura web 4_edited.jpg


launch of second range of Koura Honey with new packaging and design.


Focus to sell at domestic NZ market try to establish the brand.

koura web 5_edited.jpg


Launch of seasonal Kid Multi-floral honey to test the market 

collaborate with local artists to design different theme tailor to the kids.


Launch of seasonal Kids Manuka honey, it became the first available range of Manuka Kids Honey on the Market.

koura web 17_edited.jpg

2020 - 2021

Turning Point No:2 Covid-19 Pandemic.

NZ had several lock downs.

This was an valuable timer us  to analyse,  rethink and rebrand Koura.

koura web 18_edited.jpg


New Logo, New Design by Kaikoura Local illustrator / artist Matt from Canyon Creative Studio . We focused on incorporate Maori art and culture with the main logo - the tree, it symbolises growth and vitality which is the core value of our brand.

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Exciting new adventures ahead & Follow us on Social media for more updates!

Get your jar of our Kōura Manuka Honey range today and indulge in the rich, natural sweetness that only Mother Nature can provide.

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